jastrebacJastrebac is the highest mountain in the vicinity of Krusevac that is reached by Golovode, Lomnica, and Buci villages. The mountain holds a special tourist potentials. Vast plateau with artificial lake lies at 650 m altitude, 20 km away from Krusevac. Jastrebac is an old mountain that has existed since the Tertiary Period and emerged from the Tertiary Sea as a big island. The highest peaks «Djulica» 1491 m and «Pogled» 1481 m are a natural border between Toplica River and Pomoravlje Region.



Jastrebac has great climatic conditions (insolation throughout the year, fresh aerial currents, and unpolluted environment), and thanks to such mild climate and diversity of flora and fauna, the mountain offers excellent opportunities for relaxation and mountaineering. Jastrebac area is very attractive for all nature lovers- alpinists, scouts, mountain bikers, etc.

jastrebacJastrebac is the most forested mountain in this part of the Balkans. It is characteristic for its deciduous and periwinkle forests and it is a unique habitat of white birches. The mountain has to offer useful forest fruits and herbs making it a true heaven for mushroom hunters and herbs gatherers.






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